Monday, March 1, 2010

Dusty Laundry Rooms

Did you know most of the dust in the laundry room is from cleaning the dryer filter?

Keep a spray-trigger type bottle handy, full of water. Every time you clean the dryer filter, first spray a fine mist of water on the lint-filled filter, then use your hand to remove the damp lint. Misting the lint before cleaning the lint off the filter will keep most of the dust a minimum! If you have a laundry room window with blinds or curtain, this will keep them practically dust free.

***Buy a brand new bottle for this purpose! DO NOT use one that has been used with anything other than water. Chemical residues can remain in the bottle, and transfer to your drying clothes! I would suggest not wetting the filter under a faucet in a laundry room sink. Over time, this can clog the drain with lint.

Also, buy a dryer vent brush. They’re small like a baby bottle brush, and on a long handle that is bendable. Remove the filter, and clean the dryer filter vent of extra lint. This will make your dryer more efficient, and less chance for dryer fires.

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