Saturday, March 6, 2010

Itchy Scalp or Flaky Dandruff

The cold weather brings dry and itchy scalps, with a lot of flaky skin. Try the astringent, Sea-Breeze for Sensitive Skin. Yes, they still make it, and can be bought at Walgreen’s. A large 10 ounce bottle is only $4.99.

***After washing your hair, open the bottle of Sea-Breeze, and cover the opening with your finger allowing a small bit to trickle over your damp hair. Massage the astringent into the scalp, and dry hair as usual. Also, my hair color tech assures me this will not damage color treated hair or strip your color, but dandruff shampoos can do both.

***Sea-Breeze is great for removing deep trapped oil, dirt and makeup. Use after washing your face.

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