Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Storage: Bath Linens

Storing extra bath linens a problem? Up until we did a remodel, our bathroom didn’t have a linen closet, and space was limited. I had to get creative to come up with a solution. No one wants to need a towel, and not have one available.

There’s several solutions for this problem no matter how limited the space may be. A small open shelf unit or a basket large enough to hold a few extra towels, can make great storage areas. If you only have a small corner area that’s free, then look for a corner shelf unit or cabinet to hold the linens. There’s also corner linen hampers. Rolled towels and wash cloths look better on the open shelves than folded ones.

Another great storage idea that is perfect for rolled towels is a wine rack, the kind that has the triangle slots—roll the towels and put one in each slot. If the towels are rolled tight, even the fluffiest ones should fit into the wine rack.

When restocking with clean linens quickly move the bottom linens to the top, and put the freshly laundered ones on the bottom. Most people will always reach for the top to remove a towel. By rotating the towels on laundry day, none of the towels will get dusty; the supply will always smell fresh.

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