Monday, March 1, 2010

Entertaining: Fast Heavy Appetizer

We just had a few friends over this weekend, and everyone was supposed to bring a “heavy appetizer”. As I mentioned earlier, this is a fantastic way to make a gathering easy, and have a great selection of food. Everything was absolutely delicious—thanks everyone! One of my friends ran short on time, and I love her idea. I’m certainly keeping this one in mind the next time I have to bring something, and don’t have time to make my own appetizer!

Go to Subway, buy 3 or 4, foot long sandwiches, each one different. Cut them up into 2-3 inch widths across, insert toothpicks into each section, and you’ll instantly have a sub variety tray of appetizers! Thanks, Terri for this idea!

***These can be made the day before. We’ve actually bought Subway subs, and kept them until the next day. Somehow they’re better the second day, and more moist than the day they were bought. Just make sure you keep them thoroughly covered in the frig.

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