Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tip: Keep Bugs Out of Dry Goods!

This is an old trick that I learned from my great-grandmother Ethel, who was born in 1890. She taught me this when I was just a kid hanging out in her kitchen. This really works!!!

Place “Bay Leaves” inside the container, on top of flour, sugar, or any dry ingredient, even in sealed containers. It keeps crawling bugs such as weevils from infesting the dry goods. If you keep your ingredients in their original package, place the “Bay Leaves” in the top of opened container, and seal the original container in a zip-loc plastic bag. Hefty makes a 2-gallon bag that will easily store boxes of pancake or Bisquick mix. It also helps to place a few leaves inside the cabinet or closet where you store the dry goods.

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