Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crooked Pictures

Have artwork, pictures or a mirror that you’re constantly straightening? Maybe it goes crooked on the wall every time the door is shut hard?

There are little rubber disk with an adhesive back (when the paper is pulled off). Use these to stick to the back of the artwork/mirror and the rubber side will keep the frame from shifting on the wall, and they DO NOT leave marks on the wall.

They’re called ‘
self adhesive, rubber bumper pads’. The photo is from Lowe’s web site. They can be found at hardware stores, and I’ve seen them at Kroger’s grocery in the household isle. The photo above is from Lowe's.

***Another use: If you have an small appliance (coffee maker) or anything similar that is missing a small foot, these can be used to help level the item. I’ve actually used them sticking one on top of the other to make a replacement leg level with the remaining original legs.

Also, if you have a rough bottom item, and afraid it’ll scratch your table; these will work for protection.

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