Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fantastic Coat Hangers

I debated for years if I should give them a try, and with Ruth, my girlfriend’s recommendation, I bought my first set. THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!! That was three years ago, and since then I’ve purchased several more sets. I’ll NEVER use any other type of hangers. I now have all our clothes on these hangers.

The hangers are sturdy enough for the heaviest coats, and take up less space than regular hangers. Blouses and pants will NOT slide off the hangers as they’re covered in a felt like fabric—Excellent for tank tops and other strappy garments.

They’re sold through different sources, but the best value I’ve found is on Home Shopping Network at: Go to their web site, and in the top right corner in the search block, type in: huggable hangers. The best set to start with is the one I’ve posted above, the “top to bottom fashion 50-pack”. This gives you 25 shirt/25 pant hangers at $1.00 a hanger.

***If you want a similar item, I’ve found knock-off brands at TJMaxx, Marshall’s, and Home Good’s stores.


  1. Just be sure not to hang wet clothes on them ... keep a few smooth plastic hangers around for anything that might be wet.

  2. Anonymous, DId you have problems with these hanges and wet clothes? I have the silver gray and use them all the time for drip-drying clothes, and never had a problem.