Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lighting During Power Outage!

Before we get into the Spring thunderstorm power outages, consider this little helpful device. Unfortunately, one doesn’t have a warning when the power goes off, and many times it can catch us totally in the dark, fumbling around for a flashlight.

These are better than the standard night light which I find too bright, and disturbing to my sleep. Instead of the white bright light from a regular 4 watt bulb, this device has a soft orange glow that is unobtrusive. The other nice feature is that when it’s plugged into an outlet, the device has a plug outlet on the front, so the outlet is still available. When the power goes off, a bright white light kicks on that is battery-powered, and there’s a built in flashlight with an on/off button on the bottom of unit. The batteries last a long time before they need to be replaced.

We’ve used these for several years, and they’ve never failed to do the job when needed. They give one a sense of direction in the dark—easy to see, and unplug and you have a flashlight to use until you can get other back-up lights working. We’ve installed them in several locations directing us to exits. Remember, it’s easy to get confused in a smoke filled home, and in a house fire the electricity may not work—these could save your life by marking the exits.

These are available through Amazon.com—which is the cheapest price I’ve found. Don’t wait for the next power outage, consider these helpful little devices!

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