Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Note From Lady Trish

Hi, Everyone. I hope you're enjoying my blog, and receiving tips to help make your life easier. Even though my blog site doesn’t show a lot of “Followers”, there seems to be many who are silently following my posts. If you’re not aware of this feature, you can sign up to be a “Follower”, and the updates will be individually emailed to you. Sign up on the left side of page, under my photo and “About Me”.

Since starting the blog, I’ve had email requests to post more recipes, especially some of the “oldies”. I think all of us were tired of these, with every party or gathering having the same food prepared, and they fell to the backside or were lost. Everything old, truly is new again, and to the younger generation they’ll be brand new.

I’ll continue to post these, but will try to make the posts diverse, so there’s something for everyone. Thanks for the support, and all feedback is welcome.
Lady Trish

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