Monday, February 22, 2010

Entertaining: Appetizer Party Details

Ever have a gathering where everyone is supposed to bring an appetizer, and all you end up with is a table full of salty chips, and creamy dips? Not very filling is it?

Try distinguishing next time whether on the phone or on the invitation: “Heavy Appetizers”. This should be obvious that the appetizers are supposed to be something significant, and not chips and nuts.

Also, if you’re hosting the gathering, and DO NOT require guests to bring something, it would be considerate to include what will be served on the invite. I don’t mean specific details of each food, but simply something like this:

Please Join Us for Heavy Appetizers and Drinks’ or ‘You’re Invited for Heavy Appetizers and Drinks’.

This will let the guests know if they should eat before arriving.

Unfortunately, the word ‘snacks’ can mean almost any type of food to nibble on—so play it safe, and use the new description: “Heavy Appetizers”. This way guests and hosts will both be happy!

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