Sunday, February 21, 2010

Moving the Christmas Tree

Ever decorate the Christmas tree away from the wall, and then need to move it into the corner or closer to the window? Easy solution! Buy carpet samples and put the carpet side down, and sit the tree stand on the back of carpet sample (jute back). Decorate tree, and then slowly push and pull the carpet sample until tree is in desired position.

Two tips: this is better if someone helps by holding the center pole of tree half way down length as other person moves the sample. Also, make sure the carpet sample is turned, and all feet of stand are securely on it, and it’s angled where the Christmas tree skirt will cover the sample.

***This works great on tile and wood floors, but it makes it easier to move tree on carpet too. The carpet sample keeps the stands feet from sinking into the room’s carpet which makes the tree difficult to move. Carpet samples come in two doormat sizes. Make sure to measure the diameter of the stand’s width, and you buy the correct size, so the stand’s feet fits securely on the entire sample.

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